November 27

100 word challenge: we seemed to be on television

We sat in the dinning room being bored, flicking through  the television  channels suddenly we seemed to be on  television. At the end of the show it said where it was made. It was in the city.

So we packed the house up and drove to the City. The studio was called A.A.Ms. We went in and demanded to see the producer and manager, we had to wait 20 minutes to see them and when we did  my mum didn’t talked she screamed.  By the end of the meeting we had smoothed every thing out, and went  back to our house.

November 27

100 word challenge: Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty

I sat in the bus going to the zoo with my  sister. When we arrived we went straight to the lions then the monkeys then the gorillas when we got there we saw that one gorilla was yellow, yellow as the path bricks. It was running  at pretty female gorilla that was washing so it only had jump out of the way then I realized the gorilla  was trying to get out of it’s enclosure. So we ran to the nearest zoo-keeper  and they took the gorilla away. We had a very very good day at the zoo.


September 3




Welcome to my blog here  you can read short stories that would probably not happen in real life. I love improving my blog so leave a comment on what you think should be on here because I want every one to  enjoy my blog!!!


September 3

100 word challenge: the door bell went

Today  Mila was making  cupcakes for her little sister’s birthday party.  Mila was the girl who got laughed at school by all the kids because she liked the teachers and they liked, at her school that was not cool. As she  placed the cupcakes in the oven she herd a sneer from outside the window  there was Taylor the bully at her school. Mila ran to the door and screamed out get lost she called and slammed the door

As Mila relaxed, the door bell went she got to the door and ansered it there was Taylor all sour faced….

August 30

100 word challenge: it wasn’t my fault

Mia sat outside Miss Holeyfare office miserably ready for her very long lecher on to do as you are told when you are told to do it. Mia knocked on the door and entered Miss Holeyfare sat at her desk as angry as ever

It wasn’t my fault ”  Mia said  but Miss Holeyfare just starred at me with sorrow

“You are expelled.” Miss Holeyfare announced

“But Miss not one of my friends are expelled.” Mia complained

“So? What did they do?”

“Well Holy  did a terrible thing she dumped a bucket of water on the Queen.”


August 29


Today I was cooking  pink river salmon for my parents and my dad’s boss. I cooked nervously, I had lots of question in my head would it be nice or revolting and I was nervous  that my salmon might not cook enough.

Ding! Ding!  the alarm went of it was time to get my dad to taste my desert, I raced up the stairs to fetch him  as we plodded  down stairs the door bell when they were here my dad looked worried, he wasn’t  dress yet and nether was I. I changed into my dress and open the door….

August 20

100 word challenge: As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face + when did it arrive? I said

A floor board creaked a in the next room Mindy and I stood frozen in fear I turned around and saw a small green envelope addressed to me.

When did it arrive?  I said to Mindy

Mindy didn’t know. I flipped the envelope over a teared it open as I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face. It was from the Y.C.D.S (young children detective school.) they were offering to give me a place in the school and if I said yes to call 0567834621. Not really caring how much noise I made.

August 16

3/4 camp reflection beach survivor

I couldn’t feel my feet and my hair was blowing in my face. We were building our pirate home as swiftly as we could. We had been given a bucket, a pool noddle and a cone.  Immy, Ezra and Magnus were obtaining seaweed to decorate the castle. I made a sand castle at the entrance that we were going to decorate with seaweed. I looked over at the sailor’s sandcastle it was okay.

“Hurry” I said   

We smoothed the inside and I made the pool noodle stand up in a cone. We all piled in. The Judge came over and said he liked it then he went over to the other team’s castle and said that he was staying in the sailor’s castle so they won beach survivor but it didn’t matter we all had a fantastic time! 


August 16

100 word challenge: why would I do that?

“Oh no you don’t you are not invited after last time and I bet you will do it again.” sneered Brittany

“Did what?” Kate asked

“You squashed her cake.” Ashley blabbed

” Why would I do that?” Kate questioned

” I don’t know but your not coming.” sniffled  Brittany

Days later ding dong Kate stood on  Brittany  door step.  Brittany opened the door with a frown

“I told you not to come.”  Brittany yelled

” But I did.” Kate said

” Who is it?” asked Ashley and Sabrina

” Kate.” replied Brittany

” Close the door Brittany.” ordered Sabrina

So Brittany did in Kate’s face.