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100 word challenge she couldn’t believe what she had done

“Bye, Mum, have fun” said Charlotte. “Bye” called Mum. “Come on, Hunter, let’s put you to bed” said Charlotte. As soon as Hunter was asleep Charlotte went on the X-box then went in to the kitchen to get something to… Continue Reading →

Book recommendation The Mysterious Benedict Society

I found  this great book called The Mysterious Benedict Society here is the blurb: Four children with unusual talents are recruited for a top secret mission- there are no rules. How can they work together to save the world? The… Continue Reading →

100 word challenge Huge pink daffodil sprinkled bridge

  It was an amazing autumn’s day, the sun was out and shining bright to me it fleet like it was for a walk not shore why, just did. I made my way down to the park there were many… Continue Reading →

100 word challenge I didn’t understand the instructions

Your job is to make a poster about the history of our school is that clear. said the teacher. Yes miss we corsets well all of us but me. I hated history, but I hated assignments more so it made… Continue Reading →

100 word challenge: create your own magic animal

Scowl: The Scowl is a cute little animal that is very rare. You can find it on the warm tropical beaches of Tasmania. They have small wings so they can only fly 70cm off the ground, they look like they… Continue Reading →

Reading is better than watching T.V

It’s quite obvious that reading is better than watching T.V. There are thousands of books to read and not many T.V programs to watch, a book can last a long time and books can make you smart. There are thousands… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Welcome to You have registered with Global2 and by doing so have agreed to the Terms of Service. We want you to be safe and responsible for yourself and others on the web. Global2 is managed by the Department… Continue Reading →

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